An elected body that governs on behalf of all members

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Coastal Electric’s service territory is divided into nine districts. Each district has one elected trustee to represent all of the members of that district for a term of three years. Trustee elections are held each year for three of the nine districts.

Pursuant to adopted bylaw requirements, your trustee meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM to discuss, review and approve items such as work plans, the Cooperative’s financial budget, electric rates, subsidiary businesses, and to establish policies. The Board makes decisions that are in the best interest of the Cooperative and all of its members. They ensure that the Cooperative continues to run with the established principles that it was built on and maintains its strategic direction of nonprofit operation and cost-of-service based rates.

District 1 Trustee picture
LaVern Polk
District 1
District 6 Trustee picture
Judy Reeves
District 6
District 8 Trustee picture
Harold Rhodes, Jr.
District 8
District 2 Trustee picture
Jamie Bunton
District 2
District 4 Trustee picture
Jamey Copeland
District 4
District 5 Trustee picture
Jerry Crosby
District 5
District 3 Trustee ppicture
Leon Bryan
District 3
District 7 Trustee picture
Danny Lyons
District 7
Vice Chairman
Image of Ian Padgett
Ian Padgett
District 9