Lightning Safety

Lightning strikes kill more Americans than tornadoes or hurricanes. When there is an electrical storm, take precautions against lightning, even if the thunderstorm is not directly overhead.

Lightning Safety Rules:

  • Move to low ground.
  • Avoid open fields.
  • Stay away from isolated trees, towers or utility poles.
  • Do not seek shelter under a tree. Trees are easy targets for lightning.
  • At the beach, or in a swimming pool, get out of the water immediately.
  • Go inside a building and stay away from windows and doors.
  • Stay away from metal objects.
  • Avoid electric appliances and metal plumbing.
  • Get off the phone.
  • Do not touch metal objects, such as golf clubs or bicycles.
  • Inside a car is relatively safe, but don?t touch interior metal.
  • If your hair stands on end, you may be a target. Crouch low on the balls of your feet and try not to touch the ground with your knees or hands.

Stay aware and play it safe during thunderstorms. Don't be a lightning rod.

This information is provided as a general reference only and is subject to change without notice.
image of lightning storm