H2O Select

Let Coastal Electric Co-op add a control device to your existing water heater or, for more savings, purchase a new, energy efficient electric water heater and have it installed for FREE.

The H2O Select Program is two-fold.

The first part is a control device added to your existing water heater to reduce energy demand and the second part is your ability to purchase a new, energy efficient electric water heater through Coastal Electric.

Why should I add this control device?

This is one way you can help reduce the energy demand that your water heater places on the system during peak usage conditions. Coastal Electric can install a control device on your water heater at no cost to you that will allow us to turn it off during the most critical two or three hours of the peak demand period. Since these peak demand periods occur only on the extreme days in any month, the number of days your water heater will be controlled will be minimal. That way you will not notice that the power to the water heater is off and you will continue to have plenty of hot water.

If you choose to participate in this part of the H2O Select program, Coastal Electric will maintain your water heater by replacing elements, thermostats, and pressure relief valves whenever they are needed at no charge for as long as the control device remains connected to your water heater. That way you will be ensured that you will have plenty of reliable hot water when you need it.

Why should I purchase a water heater through Coastal Electric?

Older, poorly insulated water heaters cost more to operate than today's models. You may want to buy a newer model to cut down on your overall cost. A new water heater can be financed for six months or twelve months at a low interest rate. You may choose to add the control device and we will maintain your water heater as described above at no charge.

What if I do not add this control device?

You may elect to purchase our service agreement which will give you the same maintenance, for $3.00 per month, which will be added to your electric bill. If you choose neither of the options, we are not responsible for the maintenance of your water heater.

If you need to purchase a new water heater, here is what you need to do:

  1. Fill out the information on the Customer Information Sheet (this allows us to run a credit check).
  2. A credit check will be done.
  3. We will advise you the results of the credit check.
  4. If you decide to proceed, we will come out and install the water heater.
  5. The amount of your payment will be added to your electric bill until paid.
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