Energy Advance

Coastal Electric Co-op can help you replace your old, inefficient heating & air unit by offering financing to qualified members.

Why should I switch to an electric heat pump?

An electric heat pump is the most economical way to keep your home comfortable year-round. In fact, it is the most advanced and efficient heating and cooling system available today, saving you as much as 30% of your cooling costs. A safe and technologically advanced heat pump keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And you can't beat a heat pump for durability. Get control of your home's comfort level and your heating and cooling costs TODAY. Invest in a new, electric heat pump.

How does a heat pump work?

The outdoor unit of a heat pump contains coils, filled with refrigerant, which absorb heat from the outside air. Even though the outdoor air temperature may be as low as 0? F, the refrigerant is much colder, which enables it to absorb heat. As it begins to work, the refrigerant evaporates, absorbing even greater quantities of heat. The heated refrigerant vapor passes through coils and then on to the compressor, where it is pressurized. This process increases the temperature of the refrigerant so that it is hotter than the inside air. The heated refrigerant travels to the indoor coil. As a fan blows air across the coils, the refrigerant condenses and releases heat, which is then circulated throughout the house. When the heat pump is set to its cooling mode, it uses the same process but in reverse. So, instead of extracting heat from the outdoors, the heat pump will remove heat and moisture from within your home and release it outside.

If you need to purchase a new heat pump, here is what you need to do:

  1. Fill out the highlighted information on the Consumer Loan Agreement & Customer Information Sheet (this allows us to run a credit check).
  2. Contact one of the contractors listed on the back fold of this brochure.
  3. Ask the contractor to fax the quote for your unit to us or you can bring the quote by the office. The quote must be for at least a 14 SEER unit.
  4. A credit check will be done.
  5. We will advise you the results of the credit check & the amount of your payments.
  6. If you decide to proceed, you will need to come in and sign the contract.
  7. You will need to contact the contractor to begin the work.
  8. When work is completed, we will come out and inspect.
  9. We will then issue a check to the contractor.
  10. The amount of your payment will be added to your electric bill until paid.
Energy advance financing program