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Capital credit lawsuit documents


If you have recently received a lengthy document from the Circuit Court of Aiken County, this message is for you! Recently, notices of a potential class action lawsuit payment were mailed to members of all electric cooperatives in the State of South Carolina who had ended their membership or moved away prior to June 7, 2011. If you ended your membership after June 7, 2011 or are still a member of an electric cooperative, the class action does not pertain to you. If you have received the court notice, it is likely you have received it as a member who has ended your membership before June 7, 2011 OR are an administrator of an estate or deceased relative's capital credits who had ended their membership before June 7, 2011. Unfortunately, the court settlement has prohibited Coastal Electric from discussing the details of the class or giving any advice to you about the claim. Instead they have established a settlement administrator to handle all the inquiries and questions you may have. The settlement administrator is listed in the court document you have received but for convenience, I have also included it here.

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Thanks for your understanding as this is out of our hands.

updated: 3/3/2015



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