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Celebrating 75 Years Of Serving You


Did you know that we're celebrating our 75th year of service? 75 years. That's three-quarters of a century of offering our members quality service and reliable energy.

75 years ago, it was thought to be too expensive to bring power to rural areas but not for Coastal Electric. The people that started the Co-op were the first with service and innobation.

So what exactly does 75 years mean to us? It means we're just getting started. We continue the tradition of first in service and innovation and we look forward to 75 more years of providing our best to our members.

Watch our 75 Annivesary video that honors the vision and spirit of those who paved the way.

COASTAL ELECTRIC COOP 75 YEARS from Cook Productions on Vimeo.

updated: 10/8/2015



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